Lunar Resources

Creating breakthrough technologies to facilitate the large-scale industrialization of Space


Lunar Resources, Inc. is a space industrial company pioneering space manufacturing and off-earth resource extraction. A corporate spin-out from various NASA-sponsored technology development programs, Lunar Resources is led by the world’s leading experts and institutions in the field of space industrialization and in-situ resource utilization.

Our objective is to develop and commercialize space manufacturing and resources extraction technologies to catalyze the Space economy.


Farview Observatory

The FarView Observatory is a conceptual next generation radio observatory located on the far side of the Moon. Built from resources extracted from the lunar regolith, it will cover a 200 square kilometer area and contain more than 100,000 dipole antennas with the goal of studying the Cosmic Dark ages, before the first stars formed, by detecting and characterizing the first structures to form in the Universe. In addition, FarView will study solar Coronal Mass Ejections and magnetic phenomena in the solar system and in nearby exoplanet systems.

MW Program

The MW program is a multi-technology program to construct large-scale power grids on lunar surface from in-situ produced power grid elements. These elements include in-situ photovoltaic arrays and transmission lines to generate and distribute ultra-low cost electrical power on the lunar surface at a global scale.

Satellite Servicing Coating Program

The Satellite Servicing Coating program is focused on repairing degraded functional coatings on orbiting satellites. Targeted repairing applications include satellites’ radiator coatings, optical surface reflecting coatings, and radiation coatings.

Regolith Additive Manufacturing Program

The Regolith Additive Manufacturing program leverages Lunar Resources PE3D additive manufacturing technology to fabricate vertical and horizontal structures from lunar regolith without binding material. The program is a revolution in lunar additive manufacturing as it utilizes the PE3D low-average source power capabilities to efficiency additively manufacture regolith with high density, low power, and no consumables in complex structures.


Lunar Resource Extraction

Lunar Resources' molten regolith electrolysis technologies are leading the extraction of high purity oxygen and metals from the lunar soil. The technologies utilize no consumable reagents or supplies, able to process any type of lunar soil, and designed to be operated at large-scale allowing humanity to utilize the resources of space economically.

Lunar Metallurgy

Lunar Resources is pioneering a range of metallurgy technologies related to casting and alloying metals in low gravity and vacuum environments. Current technology focuses include production of manufacturing feedstock, structural elements, and cables.

Space Manufacturing & Assembly

From producing atomically ordered thin film materials to additively manufacturing large metal structures can be accomplished with Lunar Resources space manufacturing technologies. Lunar Resources is developing technologies to additively manufacture metal and metal oxide feedstock, perform deposition in the vacuum of space, and weld materials in space and on the Moon.


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